Lancaster New York Salt Lamps and Polish Salt Lamps

A salt lamp is a natural air purifier which is illuminated by a bulb. As the bulb heats the salt it produces negative ions which clean the air of germs, viruses, toxins and EMF's. This, in turn, relieves the symptoms of allergies, sinus, respiratory and sleep problems. Worldwide, salt lamps are produced in Poland (Wieliczka Salt Mine), Pakistan (Himalayan salt lamps), Bolivia and Iran (Purple/Blue salt). The quality of these salts vary. Although we carry different types of salts, Salt Lamps Etc. specializes in Polish salt for your health issues.  Polish salt was tested in Fremont, CA and found to be superior in crystal bond, mineral content, and ionization. With a little care, it will give you a lifetime of service.  We have many return customers that are pleased and satisfied with the relief they experience from the Polish lamps.

The price of Polish Salt Lamps start at $39.95 and go up depending on size/shape.

The price of Himalayan Salt Lamps start at $29.95 and go up depending on size/shape.

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